JR and two new workers proudly show their work expanding our broken tile mandala.

How do you know if your ideas are successful? When take a life of their own and turn out if even more beautiful than you had planned!

This morning I took some friends down to the river to show our recycling work.  To my surprise, I could see as we approached that the town councilor was there with half a dozen young guys working away.  I worried to myself that maybe they had changed their minds on our work the last week.  But, low and behold, they were expanding our recycled tile mandala– all on their own!  In fact JR and Gypsie had trained three other guys on the tiling technique that I had taught them the other day.  They were busy adding two new circles to our  mandala.  And it looks amazing.  They figured out both the technique and the geometrical expansion of the mandala.