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Mandala Retrospective Exhibit

Posted on June 3, 2014 at 1:35pm by Comments Off
Mandala Retrospective Exhibit

Mandalas continue to deeply inspire my work

A small retrospective of my work with mandalas over the last five years in the Philippines will be on display in Baguio City this month.  The small show is curated by Katrin de Guia and is on display at the Vocas Gallery in Omy Gulay, on Session Rd.  It will be up for […]


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I am excited! Our technique for building with trash bottle bricks has taken a giant serendipituous leap forward.

This past weekend I met Zelli and his wife Joany who are seasoned cob builders living in the Philippines. Against the odds, they have been pioneering ancient mud/clay/straw building techniques at their Baguio home perched on a hilltop. 

We joined forces to […]

Mini Mandala

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Mini Mandala

Talk about Fun!  One of the professor’s from a local college here in Mountain Province was in need of help for the art component of his curriculum.  He invited me to come and do a painting workshop.

It just so happened that I had three very adventurous and artistic couchs urfers with me this past weekend.  They were game for some […]

Spontaneous Ecological Adventure with 300 youth

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Spontaneous Ecological Adventure with 300 youth

“Russell, we’re going to Natonin tomorrow and we have to speak to 300 youth for two days! Help!”

That’s how my adventure to Natonin, a remote village in the mountains began last week.  Cell service had been down for several days, and my friend Niklaus had just got the invitation from Father Allen.

With almost no preparation, we just jumped in Father […]

Wow. What a gift!

Posted on August 30, 2012 at 1:44pm by Russell Maier Comments Off
Wow. What a gift!

Wow.  I headed down across the river with some friends yesterday and was blown away by what my students had done.

I’ve been training the local out-of-school youth how to make use of broken tiles and other trash and turn them into mandalic mosaics.  Its pretty easy really and the result can be stunning.  You might have seen some of my […]

What are Mandalas?

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What are Mandalas?

Mandalas are an ancient spiritual art-form that are found around the world in a myriad of cultures and mediums. Mandalas harness the magic of circular geometry.  Their creative process enables one or more folks to come together and organically unfold mesmerizingly beautiful co-creations.

Organic mandalas can be found everywhere in Nature– from flowers, to spider webs to the whorl of galaxies. […]

The Mandala Takes a life of its own…

Posted on July 24, 2012 at 1:45pm by Russell Maier Comments Off
The Mandala Takes a life of its own…

JR and two new workers proudly show their work expanding our broken tile mandala.

How do you know if your ideas are successful? When take a life of their own and turn out if even more beautiful than you had planned!

This morning I took some friends down to the river to show our recycling work.  To my surprise, I could […]

Trashed Tile Mandala… yeah!

Posted on July 21, 2012 at 10:52am by Russell Maier Comments Off

The completed mandala of broken tiles.

I’ve wanted to make a permanent mandala with cement and grout for a long time.  Last week while hiking I came across a decidedly ugly pile of broken tiles along side the beautiful river.  I put as many as I could carry into my backpack and headed home.

The opportunity to put them to use […]

Featured Mandalas…

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In the spirit of Tibetan sand Mandalas that are made then destroyed as a symbol of impermanence, the Muheim Mandala was taken down after two weeks. In the Tibetan tradition the grains of sand from the Mandala (that often monks have laboured to build grain by grain for several weeks) are gathered together and put into rivers and streams– […]