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Team Frisboofied

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Team Frisboofied

We just got in our custom printed Ubud Om Trooper Frisboos!  Here’s the team with the latest model of the first ever bamboo flying disc.

Thanks to My Nguyen for the photo.

Bamboo Pixel Project is alive at the World Innovation Forum

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Bamboo Pixel Project is alive at the World Innovation Forum

Shine Time!  Last night we plugged in the pixels and ignited our bamboo pixel project at the Global Innovation Forum outside of Jakarta.  3 meters by 2meters and 600 bottles make a luminous wall of light for the Akademy Bambu Nisantara’s pilot Rumah Oksigen– a sample of a super low cost house made from bamboo rather than steel reinforcement.  Since […]

Who’s that white guy talking Trash?

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Who’s that white guy talking Trash?

Who’s that white guy, dressed up Balinese and talking trash?!

Well… let me explain! My Balinese colleagues, Pak Sutama Agung and Pak Ngurah dressed up in matching Sarongs today to present Ecobricks to the seniors, local government and bank sampah members of Sibangkaja village. We were assisted by the pro ecobricking students of SMP3.

The fashion message? That care for the environment […]

Great News for the Planet and Jogja, as Ecobricks Spread

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Great news for the planet! And for Jogja, Jakarta. We had a magical moment with the women from Lintas Winongo Badran Jogja Bank Sampah that will have far reaching consequences for the burning and dumping of plastic in the city.

We arrived in Badran on a loosely arranged invitation. We thought would be doing a 15 minute presentation to some […]