Last night I did a little cooking for my Italian friend Stefano.

Now, when it comes to pasta the Italians are the hands down experts. However, I have noticed that despite the fabulous pasta dishes I have been having here in Italy, there has been a definitive attachment to the tried and true. It makes sense. Afterall, Italy has had several millenia of fabulous history in which to perfect and refine particular pasta dishes. And perfect it is has… but… all those years are heavy on creative spontaneity.

That’s where we Canadians come in! Our country is about as old as Italy’s prime minister and we frolic free in our snow filled fields, free of the tethers of tradition. We get crazy ideas to combine things like Peaches and Pasta!
This particular Tagliatelle dish was a fusion of strong savory tastes. Local black olives, cappers, and red onions were sauteeded together in olive oil and cayenne pepper. Crucial however, was to balance out the Savory with a little Sweet. Usually I use a chopped mangoe. Last night… peaches!
Stefano, an Italian and pasta connoisseur extraorinaire, found it to be “an impressive and original accomplishment..”
“…for a Canadian”.
I will disregard that last part!