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Plastic, I Love You

I've got good news about plastic waste!  Around the world there is now less and less trash. In fact, just by reading this little essay of mine, there will be a little less trash in the world. Hurray! Because, as we all know, the whales and dolphins are literally...

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Jakarta Ho

Ani and I are heading to Jakarta for August 7th. Jakarta is a city of 20 million people. Lots of plastic trash flows out of Jakarta-- one of the main reasons Indonesia is the second biggest producer of plastic waste in Asia. Ani and I have been receiving many...

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Ani and I

My work sharing ecobricks in Indonesia has been super charged this year through my partnership with Ani Himawati. A movement has been ignited in Jogjakarta which now has a life and unfolding of its own.  Tens of thousands of people, soon to be in the hundreds of...

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Recycling: The Evil Illusion

Recycling: The Evil Illusion by Russell Maier Yes, "Evil" is a strong word-- especially for an activity that most of the world thinks of as "Good". However, after several years of working closely with waste I have come to have serious doubts about Recycling's...

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Going Patreon, Starting with a Manifesto

Manifesto time!  So, I am starting to use the online site Patreon site to publish my longer reflections.  Patreon not only allows me to share my essays within a dedicated context, but it allows people who resonate to subscribe and thus support the exploration. I am...

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Solar Bottle Pixel Project

  Tadahhh! Here is the finished installation of our Solar Bottle Pixel Project on Parang Sumo beach, Java, Indonesia. We couldn't have done it without the Gardu Action Team-- they worked even while fasting for Ramadan! Matarnoan Budy Bamboo! I am really proud of this...

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  Its been a pretty epic last few days here in the city of Jogja.  The culmination of several months of working with a small team of avid trash transformers.  In under three months, we've gone from 20 trainers to hundreds of ecobrickers. A whole...

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MD Module Glass Bottle Toilet Construction

We're building a prototype toilet/shower with MD modules-- 16 glass bottles siliconed together to make a lego like bricks.  The MD modules fit one into the other to build without cement or cob mortar.  The Mukabumi team and I have been super fortunate to...

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