I am really proud to post this one.

  My partner Sarah and I have been hard at work over the last week.

  And before that we were hard at work with lots of kids to make this happen.  It was so cool how it all came together magically.  This time last year, I was writing alot about ‘co-creation’ and even ‘supra-sexual-co-creation’– the idea that by harnessing the distinct male and female creative energies, we can create, heal, and acheive in ways far beyond what we can do individually.

This creation– a harmonious blend of my creativity, Sarah’s, and everyone elses’– is a fantastic example of co-creation in action.  It wasn’t easy.  The co-creative process brought up all sorts of ego and artist and personal issues for Sarah and I– but the end effect of letting go of ego and working synchroniously together was… this! Kinda like when two waves combine to create a tide that surges far further than the ones before and gets your shoes wet.

Be sure to check it out. 

Here’s the full description….

A Mandalic co-creation featuring President Aquino and 400 Children.

After decades of conflict, long awaited Peace Talks are set to resume between the Government of the Philippines and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (also with the National Democratic Front and the Moro National Liberation Front).

Four hundred children from diverse faith backgrounds gathered with artists, ritual leaders and indigenous musicians to channel the power of art and ritual for peace building. On February 7th, 2011 the children were invited to craft terra-cotta candle and flower holders inspired by the Tri-People culture of Mindanao.

The next day the children were joined by the President of the Philippines, leaders of the military, universities, police, government agencies, and NGOs for a ritual lighting of a peace mandala of candles featuring their clay creations. It was the call of the children to end armed conflict in their generation. It was a celebration of the end of the cycle of war, misunderstanding, and separation. It was a reminder of our interconnection across lines and generations. United, one light at a time, peace will shine.

*The project was made possible by United Muslim-Christian Peacemakers’ Association of Tala, Peacemakers’ Circle Foundation, 1Mandala, GINHAWA, and SangHabi.