It glows! The other day I checked in on our bottle build in Besao. It’s looking good and getting higher! The wall is built with clear wine bottles and in the center, three rows of water/food color filled gin bottles for a little artistic touch. Next, a good smooth finishing.

The best thing about this the wall is that it is built thinking of its destruction– and its next life. Cradle to Cradle design they call it (opposed to Cradle to Grave thinking that doesn’t think of a products next incarnation and generates trash). The bottom layer, which has to be concrete, uses plastic ecobricks. All the glass bottles are mortared with cob (clay, sand, straw). The idea here is that when the wall is one day broken down, the cob will enable the glass bottles to crumble out without breaking. The ecobricks are strong enough to be broken out of the concrete without damage and likewise reused.

There you have it… A recyclable wall that glows!