Ani Himawati and I are teaming up to do a lecture on the more philosophical side of our work and the Ecobrick movement. We’ll be doing another dynamic tag team presentation at the Mabesikan Festival on October 22nd, Bali, Indonesia!
Here’s the blurb…

Art & Regenerative Philosophy

by Russell Maier & Ani Himawati
Once upon a time, art wasn’t so special. Yep, that’s right… artists were humble members of society and art a humble part of it. Art was a regular part of life and enjoyed by everyone in the community. Back in those days, art wasn’t commodified, it wasn’t just for societies elite and it wasn’t made to last forever. Back in the day, artists were everyday community heroes who’s work embodied the consciousness of the culture and continually challenged it. In this way art enriched the lives of everyone in society, and when the art’s moment of use was over, it would return gracefully back to the Earth.   
Today, the very way we make art, the mediums that we choose speaks of a different direction. Paintings and sculptures are made from complex petrochemicals that rely on grey factories. Art has become an investment vehicle acquired by the wealthy. Art is housed in galleries and experienced by a small percentage of society. An even smaller percentage of society are allowed to call themselves artists. At a time when art is most needed to challenge and raise the consciousness of our culture, it has become far removed from the Earth, its people and its cycles.

Join regenerative artist and philosopher Russell Maier and anthropologist Ani Himawati as they take a close look at the contemporary concept of Art. Together they share their experience leading the Ecobrick movement. Together Ani and Russell examine the symbolism and importance of the mediums that artists choose to work with and the importance of empowering everyone to be an artist. Join us as we deconstruct the modern capital driven hold on art, as we bring it back down to Earth and as we make art not so special again– so that it can save the world.