Yesterday my lover Peggy came to visit me from far away Germany. How does one visit a homeless person however? For that matter, how does a vagabond host a guest? Surely, one would think Peggy a little crazy to come all the way from Berlin without any plan, itinerary or place to stay.

Peggy’s audacity and courage warms my heart.

No less than four of my Italian friends have been conspiring to help bring us together. Steve has been connecting me with all the right people to get me and Peggy to his Festone Festival. Irina saw me off from Florence. Rossela drove me to the train station and made all the right phone calls. Stefano invited Peggy and I to meet and to visit him in Verona on our way up.

And… Peggy and I have been having the most wonderfully amazing and romantic time!

Quite aptly, Verona, is the city of Love. This is where Romeo and Juliet galavanted through the cobblestone roads and sang from the balconies and gardens. This is also where, hand in hand Peggy and I walked past the ancient roman building, through the magnificent churches and over the elegant bridges.

The great thing is that Peggy really had no idea what she was getting into. She thought she was coming to a busy and modern Italian metropolis. She thought we would be staying in an urban apartment for the night, or in a tent in a cramped camp ground.

Ladies and gentlemen, I write this from the patio of Stefano’s villa on Lake Gardia! Nestled between soaring cliffs, surrounded by olive orchards and vineyards, we drink our coffee with a great view of the expansive lake. After a beautiful night together, we walked barefoot this morning to forage our breakfast from the fruit trees.

I have to admit that I was a little worried where Peggy and I would stay. Yet, I had a definite feeling that given Peggy was making such a leap to follow her heart, the Universe surely had an abundance of blessings in store for her.

As I look up from my writing into her love-filled blue eyes, and she smiles. I smile.