6000 students mobilized to clean up Caloocan, Manila! Today I had the honor of visiting the densest and the most ecologically progressive school I have yet been to in the Philippines– Camarind National Elementary and High School with 6000 students!

Doms and Arrianne, two dynamic and spontaneous members of the National Development Office of Anglican Church had setup the visit, but were as amazed as I was to discover a hundred ecobricks already made—the school had received an advance photocopy of our Vision Ecobrick guide last week.

The principal, Dr. Egot was overwhelmingly enthusiastic: “In 36 years of teaching I have never seen a project like this and we will wholeheartedly put our full student body to work making ecobricks.” And its going to flow. I can feel it. She has already got an MRF, class segregation, and bottle collection going in the school– ecobricks are the last puzzle piece for their showcase ecologial program. She gathered all their ‘Class Ecologists’, teachers and staff in the outdoor auditorium. I was able to show them what we were doing in Mt. Province and correct a few problems with their brick making.

The students were just as inspired as their principal and cheered at the end of the presentation and the goal of making 5000 ecobricks with their visions for their community’s environment inscribed upon them. Next week I return, for a follow up session to expand the ecobrick making to every other high school in the area.

A big thanks to Floyd, Lourdes, Doms, Arriane for setting up this luminous opening and in the case of the women anyway, being our model ecobrick packers.